Personalizing Your New Home

By Schell Brothers, in All Communities

by Erika Fields
Selecting the options for your new home, though exciting, can sometimes be a daunting experience. You may feel overwhelmed by the numerous options from which to select, or nervous about the finality of selecting items for a house which will be your home for many years. In order to make the process enjoyable, simple and seamless, here are some tips to help you along. First and foremost, think about the way you live. By considering the following questions, you will be sure to personalize your home to best suit your design tastes, as well as your needs.
• Will this be a full-time or part-time residence?
• How many people will be living in this home? What are their ages? Do any of the residents have special needs?
• How do you plan to use the space in your home? Is a home office necessary? Would you like to designate space for a home gym? Do you love to entertain? Think about how you use your time each day and how much of that time will be spent in your new home.
• Do you have pets? Consider flooring selections carefully – the nails of animals can scratch hardwood floors and catch in looped carpets.
• What do you love about your existing home that you want to replicate in your new one? What do you wish to change?
• What do you love? Which styles and colors make you happy? What do you find visually pleasing?
• What items are you bringing with you? If you have rugs, pieces of furniture, media equipment and/or artwork you will be showcasing in your new home, consider where they will be placed. Is wall space, lighting, electrical, etc. adequate for each item?
When preparing to meet with your builder’s selections professional, you may want to consider doing some homework prior to the meeting.
• Know what is available. Research the products offered by your builder. If possible, schedule some time to look around the design center prior to your appointment day.
• Look through home design books and magazines. Bring pictures that reflect the styles you like.
• Don’t forget the exterior! It can be challenging to select the color for the exterior of your home from a small sample. Drive through existing communities and look for exteriors you like and snap pictures of them for reference.
Most importantly, have fun with it! Your home is a reflection of you and how you live. There are no wrong answers. If you love it, go for it!

Erika Fields is the Selections Coordinator for Schell Brothers and has assisted over 300 customers in choosing the options for their new Schell Brothers home.

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