Why Did You Do It?

By Adam Pettengell, in The Villages at Herring Creek

I never like writing one of those very ‘salesy’ blogs about my special community, with its amazing amenities, low HOA fees and wonderful wildlife and views.  Whooops – Ha ha.  Well, enough about me; what did my new family at Herring Creek say when I asked them why they choose The Villages at Herring Creek?

Tara said:

“We have moved here from Long Island, which seems like a simple thing when you say it, but to us it was a very big adventure.  We felt like pioneers.   We love the New York area and yet, as our family was growing, we realized we wanted a change.  We were looking for someplace that still had all the things we loved about Long Island – the beaches, good schools, great restaurants, the arts, and access to a big city – but with lower property taxes, more room to breathe, and the opportunity to build our dream house within our budget.  Southern Delaware fit the bill from our very first visit, but it took us two years from making that first decision to move to buying our home in the Villages at Herring Creek.
We moved here in July of 2010 as renters, enrolled our kids in the schools, and began our search for the perfect home.  We had first seen VHC in March of 2009 on a visit here, and it made a big impression, but we wanted to be sure we had seen everything that was available in the area.  We looked at so many communities and homes in the two years after that first visit, but we kept going back to VHC.  The natural beauty and character of the neighborhood just felt like home, and in February of 2011 we finally told the Schell Brothers to start building us our Henlopen model!  Working with the Schell Brothers was a great experience.  There were so many models and floor plan options that we really felt we were constructing a home that would be unique to our tastes and needs as a family.  Everyone from Josh and Adam who helped us through the sales and purchase process, to Larry who helped us pick out every fixture and floor tile, to Johnny who managed the construction, was a pleasure to work with, and you really felt like they shared in your interests in making sure everything in the home was going to come out perfectly.
We absolutely love our home.  Our kids have enjoyed making their rooms into their own space, and we have already created wonderful memories enjoying cooking with family and friends in our beautiful kitchen and relaxing in the sunroom.  I recently had a moment where I stood in my driveway after a long day at work and stared at the sky in amazement – there were so many stars!  In a densely populated area like Long Island, the light pollution really dims the night sky, but here we have gotten a lot of pleasure from stargazing with our kids since our move.  We have also enjoyed the pool and the clubhouse, especially my teenager who uses the fitness room nearly every day.
You know, it’s also kind of hard to describe why our community is special.  It just feels special, and people have to visit it and compare it to the other communities in the area to really get a sense of that.  We had been moving away from buying in a community, right up until the week before we purchased the lot; we thought we wanted a home on a private piece of land because the communities felt a bit sterile and cookie-cutter.  On Long Island we would have called them Levittown communities (Google this!).  But VHC didn’t feel that way, it felt like a real neighborhood and the homes felt like they were a part of the natural landscape instead of on top of it.
We look forward to all the memories we still have to create here, and we could not be happier with the service and the product that the Schell Brothers delivered to us in the construction of our dream home!  Thank you!

Here’s what I heard from Sharon and Brian:

We stumbled across VHC community quite by accident as we had been looking at resale homes nearby when we saw the Schell Brothers sign at the end of the road.  We had decided some time ago upon the Lewes/Rehoboth Beach area as the place we wanted to retire and had settled on Schell Brothers as the builder if we bought new.  We liked the elevations, finishes and the quality of construction.  The value we received at VHC was better than any of their other communities in our estimation and we were fortunate to find a very nice wooded lot, so it made the decision all the easier for us.
Our home is in the construction stage at this moment and we’ve had the opportunity to be in the area at the early stages to see it go up.  We’re still very impressed and now very excited to see the progress.  We brag to all our friends who can stand to listen to us drone on about how happy we are about our new home and the Schell atmosphere.  Seriously, what other construction manager hugs his customers other than Johnny?

Jim and Eileen provided their feedback in the form of a list:

  • quiet, waterside, private community
  • wonderful builder; friendly, helpful employees—feels like a family
  • energy-efficient, ‘sexy-looking’ homes
  • open floor plans/lots of windows
  • located near but not ON busy roads; no thru traffic
  • constructed without artificial delays

Joyce and Steve had this to say:

Steve and I looked at lots of houses and builders in the area over the course of 2 1/2 years.  We had looked at the Mariner model first at another Schell subdivision.  We fell in love with it but knew there wasn’t enough land with the houses there.  We started looking at lots of houses both online and in person in the area.  We have another house that we knew we were going to down size from and wanted to be near the water-too much land and too big of a house at our other place.  We are getting close to retirement and wanted to make a gradual transition.  We kept going back to see the Mariner online and then discovered the Mulberry.  We wanted to see it in person.  By the time we met you and discovered the Villages of Herring Creek, we knew we wanted a Schell Brothers home.  The quality was not anywhere else.  We had eliminated all of the other builders in our search but we had the decision to make whether we wanted to build a Mulberry home or a Mariner home.  Once we realized we could have a half acre lot, along with a lot that could have a basement and a 3 car garage, we knew we had to build the Mariner here.  Now that our home is completed we just love it!

Scott, Colleen and Family

We have met a lot of really nice people and we are gradually making the Villages of Herring Creek our home.  Schell Brothers’ family of wonderful people have become our family too and everyone we have met have just been fantastic to work with.  Our home here is almost exactly like a drawing I sketched, when I was ten years old as my future “dream Home”.  We are very happy here and expect this to be our dream home for the rest of our lives.  Thanks so much.

Scott and Colleen summed things up with my favorite quote of all:

We bought there because Sean loves your accent!  (Sean is one of their three children.)  I always knew I liked Sean.  🙂

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