Independence Homeowners Stage Appreciation Happy Hour for Schell Brothers Employees

By Guest, in Independence
Guest post by happy Independence homeowner Bob Scannell.

What a fantastic time we all had Wednesday October 13th at the first annual Schell Appreciation Happy Hour hosted by our very own community of Independence! 85 people from Indy and Schell Brothers attended to eat, drink, and play games in the clubhouse.

It was heard from one of the Schell employees that this was the first time anyone could remember that a “community” threw a party for its “builder!” Everyone from Indy who attended prepared something scrumptious to eat to go along with the burgers and hot dogs served. The Schell Brothers family seemed very impressed by our efforts and appreciative of the love and hospitality shown to them. Little do they know, however, that it was totally our pleasure to be able to express our thanks to the greatest home builders on the planet!
The love between Indy and Schell lasted until nearly 10 p.m. that evening! That surely speaks volumes about how the community of Independence feels when it comes to ANYTHING related to Schell Bothers. Everyone here at Indy is looking forward to our second annual Schell Appreciation Day next October! By then I know that many more new residents will join the Indy family in letting Schell Brothers know exactly why we are all proud to be Schell  homeowners! Happiness is just around the corner with Schell Brothers!

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