Schell Brothers Wins Numerous Regal Awards from Home Builders Association of Delaware

By Tyler Kent, in Press Releases

Georgetown, Delaware, May 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

On Friday, May 17, members of the Schell Brothers team gathered at Mulligan’s Pointe in Georgetown for the 27th Annual Regal Awards Ceremony hosted by the Home Builders Association of Delaware. The Regal Awards assign well-deserved accolades to builders across the state of Delaware by recognizing their outstanding achievements in the home building industry. Each submission is scored by a panel of experts who focus on the areas of design, craftmanship or sales.

The Schell team anxiously awaited this year’s results while enjoying delicious hors d’ oeuvres and cocktails at Mulligan’s Pointe on that Friday evening. And they sure were happily surprised to take home an impressive list of awards after a year of tireless effort and working with amazing homeowners in 2018. Schell won several awards across a range of categories and is particularly proud of a few that represent great successes in the last year.

The Orchid model at Truitt Homestead in Rehoboth Beach now boasts the title of Best Active Adult Community Home, which is also a win for the company’s newest series of homes. The favored Orchid floorplan is part of the Coastal Series, single-family homes perfect for the family wanting to downsize or leave a smaller footprint. The Coastal Series homes all aim to maximize every inch of space and embrace the concept of form follows function; they are available in several Schell communities in addition to Truitt Homestead. Also part of the Coastal Series is the Bluebell at Solitude on White Creek, a floorplan that quickly won over Schell employees and customers alike. The Bluebell model home won Regal Awards for Best Interior Merchandising and Best Outdoor Design by a Designer for its courtyard. This beautiful home is a must-see if you have not yet visited the Solitude community in Ocean View, DE! And in fact, the Orchid and Bluebell models snagged Gold and Silver awards, respectively, on a national level in the past year as well.

If you are a local, you probably couldn’t help but notice Schell Brothers’ cheery and attention-grabbing Christmas billboards lining Route One this past holiday season. The in-house Marketing team was excited to receive the Best Billboard Award for the Christmas Countdown billboard located next to The Crab House in Rehoboth with changing digital numbers as part of a countdown to December 25. Another proud moment for the Marketing team, and truly the entire company as this was a whole-team effort, came when Schell won the Regal Award for Best Event/Promotion for the Homeowner Appreciation Party they threw for all of their homeowners in September 2018.

The Schell Sales team did a phenomenal job at this year’s Regal Awards, with 19 individual Community Sales Managers earning awards for outstanding sales performance in the new home building industry. Top performer Adam Pettengell, current Community Sales Manager at Governors and formerly at Coastal Club, had the Highest Number of Units Sold and the Highest Sales Volume in 2018. He and his sales partner Natalie Sweeney have contributed immensely to the instant, and long-lasting, success of the Governors community on Gills Neck Road in Lewes, DE.

You can see a full list of the Regal Awards won by Schell Brothers below. Schell would like to congratulate all of their team members for the hard work and dedication they put in each day that won them these awards!

Schell Brothers won the following Home Building awards:

Best Multifamily Community Home: The Bristol at Coastal Club

Best Active Adult Community Home: The Orchid at Truitt Homestead

Best Interior Merchandising: The Bluebell at Solitude

Best Luxury Community Home Over $400,000: The Whimbrel at Solitude

Schell Brothers won the following Marketing awards:

Best Print Ad: Vitamin Sea

Best Informational Brochure or Booklet: The Look Book

Best Logo: Governors

Best Image Campaign: Governors

Best Billboard: Christmas Countdown

Best Social Media Campaign: Give Kudos to Your Home

Best Email: Monthly Newsletter

Best Video or Commercial: Unmatched Customer Service

Best Event/Promotion: Homeowner Appreciation Party

Creative Courtyards, an affiliate company of Schell Brothers, won the following awards:

Best Outdoor Design – Designer: The Bluebell at Solitude Courtyard

Best Email Blast

Best Print Ad

Best Image Campaign

Members of the Schell Brothers team won the following individual Sales awards:

Natalie Sweeney
Adam Pettengell
Frank Ryan 
Nikki Southard
Josh Hay
Vicki Wilkins

Josh Stone
Jeff Klabe
Andrew Rogan
Grace Reardon
John Gross
Mollie Stevenson
Alli Perry
Joe Wobeter

Tyler Brock
Austin Oswinkle
Melissa O’Neill
Jay Hauck

Kathryn Hanlon

Highest # of Units Sold: Adam Pettengell
Highest Sales Volume: Adam Pettengell 


Contact: Alyssa Titus

Schell Brothers


Happiness in Motion: Schell Brothers Spreading Positivity with Newly Renovated Kudos Bus

By Tyler Kent, in Press Releases

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware; Richmond, Virginia, Jul 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Schell Brothers, new home builder in the Rehoboth Beach, DE and Richmond, VA areas, has been spreading the happiness and gratitude unique to their culture since 2018 through the Project Kudos movement. Giving kudos has been ingrained in the forward-thinking company’s culture since the beginning, with employees vocally sharing their gratitude for one another on a daily basis in the office and out in the field, and most famously at monthly company meetings – held on the beach in the summer season. 

The Project Kudos movement was born from the desire to spread this attitude of gratitude and happiness to other companies and individuals. Schell has seen the positive effects of giving kudos manifest on their own team, and wanted to send this positivity out into the world to combat the negativity that can be so prevalent today, in both real and online communities. In fact, Schell Brothers wanted to spread happiness so much that they purchased a bus to help them do so.

They bought an old school bus in spring of 2018, and quickly redesigned the exterior to showcase the Project Kudos logo and bright color scheme. Thousands of Kudos Stickers were ordered for individuals to write their kudos to someone they’re grateful for and stick it right on the bus to live there for all to see. The Kudos Bus visited tons of local schools, businesses, breweries, races and other events in both Delaware and Virginia to spread good vibes throughout the rest of 2018.

But when the bus took a break from touring in the winter, the Schell Team thought, why not make it even better? It was then that they decided to renovate the inside of the Kudos Bus to create a Kudos Lounge. After several months of hard work and help from local contracting, electrical, plumbing and HVAC companies, the interior of the Kudos Bus is now a fully renovated – and quite cozy – lounge! Decked out with cushy seating, a loft area, large-screen TV, bar, and even coolers to house the Project Kudos beer brewed by Crooked Hammock, the Kudos Lounge has everything the team and their visitors need to chill out and spread good vibes. 

The bus will be making its rounds again this summer to local businesses and fun seasonal events, and plans to go to schools again in the upcoming fall season. Check out to see the bus schedule and create virtual Kudos Stickers that you can share with friends and family on social media. Come by and see the Kudos Team at any of this summer’s stops, and leave your mark on the Kudos Bus by writing a sticker (or several) for those you’re grateful for. It will make you – and them – feel awesome!


Contact: Alyssa Titus

Schell Brothers


Schell Brothers Project Kudos Bus visits A.I. Dupont Hospital for Children

By Tyler Kent, in Press Releases

Rehoboth Beach, DE, Sep 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Media Alert

Project Kudos Bus Spreads Good Vibes at A.I. Dupont Radiothon

August 2019


Forever Media radio stations will broadcast live for two days, sharing inspirational stories about patients at A.I. Dupont Hospital. Schell Brothers will act as title sponsor for this event through its ‘spread good vibes’ campaign, Project Kudos. Project Kudos was founded in 2018 and is all about telling someone they’re amazing, and feeling awesome about it. It’s about positivity and spreading good vibes. For over a year now, the Kudos Bus has traveled around Southern Delaware and the Richmond area in an effort to spread that positivity. The Bus will make an apperance at the Radiothon in September.


As we watched the positive effects of giving kudos manifest themselves amongst our team at Schell Brothers, we thought, why not create a movement? In a world with so much negativity festering, we want to throw out as much positivity as we can muster and watch it grow. By helping spread the wonderful stories of the patients at A.I. Dupont, we are doing just that.


September 4th
A.I. Dupont Hospital

We challenge you to hop on this crazy ride with us and help make someone’s day a little brighter. Give a kudos to someone who deserves it. Let someone know they are awesome. Be a positive force.


Contact:Alyssa Titus

Schell Brothers