Meet Some Volunteers: Fauxbulous FX

By Erin Lee, in Extreme Sponsors

The build site, with all of its earth moving and wall building, is certainly the eye-catching center-ring focus of the past few days, but taking a short walk around the build site and behind the tree line reveals another area of busy activity.

Meet Lynn and Polly, sisters, faux finishers and owners of Fauxbulous FX, Inc., and their new friend Lisa, a talented muralist, from the Rehoboth Beach area. These ladies are working their magic in the Art World tent, an area off-limits to spectators. While we can’t reveal any specifics of the work they’re doing, we can say that they have amazing talents that are being shared with the Dunnings and the community through their involvement in Exteme Makeover: Home Edition.
When we met the ladies, they were deep in conversation with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition‘s own Art Director, Kim Lewis. Kim had sent a picture to Polly and Lynn before the build date, and told them to bring what they needed to make the project look like the picture. “Everything you see back here – we brought, and are donating, all of it,” says Polly, pointing to the 3 foot wide by 20 foot long pile of supplies and materials.
Two more ladies, Sue and Julie, and Lisa’s daughter Katelyn, work nearby on the project, too. “Katelyn has experience from helping paint walls at home,” says Lisa. Julie and Sue muse that they’ve been drafted into the family through their partnership in the project.
When asked to share their feelings about getting involved with the EMHE build this week, there’s nothing “faux” about the ladies’ responses. “It’s just so exciting! It’s heart warming! It’s really an honor to be a part of it,” says Polly. “So exciting!” says Lisa. “The show makes me cry, but I love it!”
Fauxbulous FX, Inc., does both residential and commercial faux finishing and texturing. They can be contacted through their website Lisa can be contacted for mural projects via email,

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