Growing up, sports have always been very important to me. From soccer to basketball to football, you could always find me on a field or a court with a few good buddies. I loved the sense of community that comes from a team working together to accomplish a common goal. There’s something special about having people there who pull you through the losses and celebrate with you in your victories. 

When my son, Jackson, was born, it was like learning an entirely new sport altogether. Is it supposed to look like that, do you think this is OK for him to eat, how I do I know which is the front versus the back? But my partner, Tabby, and I take every day as a new challenge and we cherish each little accomplishment we see as he grows. We work together as a team to raise our son. 

When I joined Schell Brothers, I felt like I was a part of a new type of team. The community this company creates is something that I was missing from my younger days playing sports. It’s a group of people who care about one another, who care about their clients and are working together with the common goal of putting you in a home that you are going to love. Let myself and the Schell Brothers team support you through the home building process and help you turn the house of your dreams into your home.