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Happy Stories

Our customers love sharing their Happy Stories.

In the words of our friends and customers - we're building the best communities and lasting friendships.

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“I recommend Schell Brothers to anyone interested in buying a home. The customer service was excellent from start to finish and continues today.”
Susan and Jonathan Parkside Homeowners
“As far as we're concerned, Schell Brothers are the very best builders in the country.”
Alvin & Harriett Independence Homeowners
Alvin & Harriett
“Your focus on quality and customer service is a combination that will provide your company with limitless growth & success. You have earned my confidence, trust & faith in your commitment to excellence.”
Dennis and Debra Bayside Homeowners
“Schell Brothers’ commitment to excellence and happiness convinced us that they were the builder for us!”
Neal & Laurie Senators Homeowners
“I had never been to Delaware before, but Schell Brothers made me feel like I was at home.”
Larry and Maureen Peninsula Lakes Homeowners
“The Schell Team took pride in helping us innovate, visualize and make decisions when designing our new home. We were able to transform our wish list into a reality.”
Steven & Michelle Bayside Homeowners
Doug & Pam
“We really wanted the Rehoboth Beach address. All the restaurants are awesome!”
Doug & Pam Sawgrass Homeowners
“The attention to detail makes Schell Brothers the leader in the market by a landslide. You can easily see the quality in their model homes, and the value that their craftsmanship brings to the marketplace.”
Josh & Genevieve Branch Out Homeowners
“Schell Brothers goes out of their way to make sure every buyer is happy and feels like part of a family.”
Angel and Jerry Coastal Club Homeowners
“We were extremely impressed by the whole team. It is very evident much thought, planning and management has gone into every aspect of product delivery and follow up.”
Tracy and James Coastal Club Homeowners
“We are home at last! We moved in yesterday and even though we are sitting in the sun porch having our coffee it's really hard to believe that this dream really did come true. We are so grateful to have worked with all of you.”
Joanne & Kevin Retreat at Love Creek Homeowners
Fred & Shelley
“The customer service was above and beyond excellent.”
Fred & Shelley Independence Homeowners
“It has just the right mix of the traditional and contemporary designs that we had hoped to find.”
Michelle & Bob Heritage Creek Homeowners
“One of the things I like most with Schell homes is the use of windows. I love all the natural light.”
Donna Coastal Club Homeowner
“Schell lives up to the hype!”
Tom & Val Bayside Homeowners
Tom & Val
Darrin & Eileen
“It means a lot to deal with a builder who is involved in the community. You know he not only has a commitment to your home, but to the community in general.”
Darrin & Eileen Heritage Creek Homeowners
“We LOVE every moment at Sunset Harbour.”
Joseph and Taber Sunset Harbour Homeowners
Joseph and Taber
“The experience from the selection process through construction and final settlement was presented and performed with competence and professionalism.”
Jack & Mike Retreat at Love Creek Homeowners
“We spent weeks dedicated to non-stop shopping for our new home. This, after months research on the internet. We really wanted to be thorough and make sure we had the right home for us. We saw many, many different builders and different models. Ultimately, none compared to Schell. We are extremely pleased with our decision.”
Jeanne & Timothy Wagamons West Shore
Gary & Gail
“We fell in love with the people and the quality of construction!”
Gary & Gail Bayside Homeowners
“Your team has been with us every step of the way, listened to our suggestions, and everyone was incredibly responsive to any questions or issues that arose.”
Neil & Judy Heritage Creek Homeowners
“We hear many many good things about Schell Brothers from people who are not connected in the building trades, and that just reinforces our decision to have Schell as our builder.”
Steven & Jane Senators Homeowners
“They all are kind, considerate, compassionate and professional. What is even more remarkable is their unending energy, the countless hours they have given us and the love and respect they have for each other and you. This is all evident in the way they do their job.”
Marie & Jim Branch Out Homeowners
“We just love your floor plans!”
Ken & Gerry Senators Homeowners
Ken & Gerry
Guy & Karen
“Delaware is a great place to retire and it's close to our families.”
Guy & Karen Peninsula Homeowners
“I have asthma and allergies, so the extra steps Schell has taken to improve indoor air quality and prevent moisture and humidity in the home and crawl space will help me breath more easily.”
James & Maria Independence Homeowner
“Schell Brothers should be proud of the excellent work as a project manager that you have done on this house.”
Ron & Vera Reddenwood Homeowners
Tom & Arlene
“The people of this community make Independence what it is.”
Tom & Arlene Independence Homeowners
“They never disappointed us; on the contrary, they made the whole process enjoyable!”
Mike & Christina Reddenwood Homeowners
“We were very impressed with her knowledge and expertise in the field.”
Tom & Susan Independence Homeowners
“We considered DE, because of the favorable tax climate for retirement, and while driving in the State for the first time and were bowled over by the beautiful craftsmanship.”
Neal and Laurie Senators Homeowners
“Your work ethic is beyond anything Bob and I have ever seen.”
Bob & Janice Independence Homeowners
Tom & Gene
“The clubhouse at Independence really drew us to the community - it's such a great place to gather.”
Tom & Gene Independence Homeowners
“The Schell Brothers and the entire Indy team continue to work to make this a premier place to live for the 55 plus group.”
Jim & Ann Independence Homeowners
Scott & Paula
“When we came to Bayfront at Rehoboth, we just felt like this was home!”
Scott & Paula Bayfront at Rehoboth Homeowners
“When our nearly completed home was destroyed by an arson fire, our confidence in Schell Brothers was reinforced because of their willingness to work with us.”
Tony & Geri Heritage Creek Homeowners
“The employees of Schell Brothers were very patient and spent a great amount of time with us in person, on the phone and by email in advance of, and during construction.”
Andy & Beckie Breakwater Homeowners
Al & Nancy
“We like the people. Everyone we've come across since we've moved here has been very friendly. ”
Al & Nancy Wagamons Homeowners
“We know nothing about building so we wanted a builder we could trust. Schell Bros and Echelon Custom Homes have a solid reputation in the community. ”
Tom & Susan Breakwater Homeowners
Tom & Susan
“Their patient enthusiasm was refreshing and carried throughout the process.”
Larry & Judy Independence Homeowners
“Schell offered us a wide range of base houses to personalize. The Schell formula has allowed us to obtain our desired home at very reasonable pricing.”
Stuart & Lelaine Branch Out Homeowners
“You all make dreams come true!”
Donna & Pete Lewes Landing Homeowners
“From the moment we set foot into the models, we felt we were at home. Aside from the incredible structural designs, layout, quality of workmanship, interior design, and obvious attention to detail…we have NEVER experienced such flawless customer service!”
Eileen & Michele Pelican Point Homeowners
Ron & Lee
“The heat and ventilation is so uniform throughout the house.”
Ron & Lee Independence Homeowners
“Our experience from beginning to end has been professional and "family oriented".”
Paula & Frank Heritage Creek Homeowners
Skip & Kathy
“These people really care about us, and were part of this build with us.”
Skip & Kathy Villages at Herring Creek Homeowners
“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. We are enjoying our home here in Wolfe Pointe. It was certainly a pleasure working with you. We would definitely recommend your company.”
Jose & Zona Wolfe Pointe Homeowners
“You should be very proud to have such an exceptional staff. Your sales and construction personnel are rock solid.”
Susan & Tommy Independence Homeowners
“We're thrilled with our decision to buy here.... fantastic house in an awesome neighborhood.”
Todd & Sharon Breakwater Homeowners
Joe & Evelyn
“Low tax living, an active community, and the friendly people were what sold us! ”
Joe & Evelyn Indpendence Homeowners
“Our construction manager Mark was nothing short of the easiest, most reliable, most logical, thoughtful construction manager that I have worked with.”
Stacy Retreat at Love Creek Homeowners
Barry & Karen
“Our experience in the Design Studio couldn't have been better!”
Barry & Karen Peninsula Homeowners
“The professionalism, workmanship, knowledge and “on time” updates, were unceasing and amazing.”
Phil & Gerri Branch Out Homeowners
Diana & Joe
“Schell's incredible reputation is well-deserved.”
Diana & Joe Senators Homeowners
“Our power bills are almost nothing now.”
Don & Kathleen Senators Homeowners
Don & Kathleen
“Your teams made us feel like your business depended on our satisfaction and made sure we had the home we wanted.”
Reas & Diane Branch Out Homeowners
“The professionalism, knowledge, support, and personal attention we received was truly gratifying. They were always available to answer questions & resolve any issues. Cindy was especially great with keeping us updated with pictures of the construction of our new home from start to finish.”
Joe & Dena Lewes Landing Homeowners
“I did research into the company and found out everything was true in the way they did things!”
Harold Wagamons West Shore
“Our new home affords us an attractive, comfortable, and welcoming living space for daily living, and for entertaining our family and friends.”
Allyn & Joyce Bayside Homeowners
Dick & Maryanne
“As soon as we visited The Peninsula we knew this was the place for us.”
Dick & Maryanne Peninsula Homeowners
“Thanks to all the employees of Schell and their dedication to their customers. Schell goes above and beyond any other. Keep Up the Great Work.”
Glyn & Tony Senators Homeowners
Chuck & Kate
“Huge difference in curb appeal and quality.”
Chuck & Kate Peninsula Homeowners
“Our Community Sales Manager has been pleasant, professional, forthright, and knowledgeable. Her sense of humor and down to earth approach is welcome. She answered multiple questions with unfailing patience and provided facts and information which helped us to make decisions.”
Gloria Heritage Creek Homeowner
“You and your team exceeded our expectations. Schell Brothers means what they say. “We are customer focused” and you are. Totally Satisfied! ”
Henry & Lynn Schell Homeowner
“All the great reviews are what sold us!”
Mike & Kristen Wagamons Homeowners
Mike & Kristen
“Wow, what a sense of family at Schell. I got the sense that you were one big cohesive force, but hearing Chris speak confirmed all the good feelings we were forming.”
William & Karen Breakwater Homeowners
“My wife and I had a great experience with a staff member from customer service. He was very prompt, courteous, and very professional. His workmanship was outstanding.”
Susan & Tommy Independence Homeowners
“We did our homework. Nothing compares to Schell!”
Ray & Lisa Senators Homeowners
Ray & Lisa
“The open concept of the Whimbrel will allow us to be all together in a setting that is conducive to entertaining the people in our lives that we love.”
Barry & Karen Senators Homeowners
“The high standards of construction, energy efficiency, and healthy indoor air quality was exactly what we were looking for.”
Bob & Joyce Independence Homeowners
“We are so happy with your team. Keep up with your excellent standards and the homeowners will continue to gravitate to you!”
Karen & Randy Independence Homeowners
“Our building process was seamless and pleasant!”
Michael & Joanna Lewes Landing Homeowner
“The Schell Brothers Team approach to working with the homeowner is probably a major contributing factor for the support shown by most homeowners. The support (from the Schell Brother employees) we have received to date from the initial sales contact to follow-up services has been outstanding.”
Len & Ruth Independence Homeowners
“Josh is a great salesperson. He possesses genuine enthusiasm for both his job and the Schell organization.”
Kathy & John Retreat at Love Creek Homeowners
Dick & Maryanne
“We are literally living in nature and that's the fun part about it! Here at the Peninsula, life is good.”
Dick & Maryanne Peninsula Homeowners
Nick & Patty
“I've been in construction for almost 34 years and I was very impressed with what I saw from Schell Brothers.”
Nick & Patty Branch Out Homeowners
“After shopping several builders at the Delaware shore, Schell Brothers was by far the best choice for us. We couldn't ask for a better experience.”
Rick, Robin, & Maggie Lewes Landing Homeowners
“Schell Brothers, through their seamless team efforts and commitment to integrity, have redefined the homebuilding process, and reshaped our lives.”
Gail & Gary Bayside Homeowners
“We knew we wanted a quality build... and we have exactly that! ”
Jeanie & Ed Branch Out Homeowners
“You understood our wishes and needs from the beginning and helped us accomplish it.”
Henry & Catherine Independence Homeowner
“Thank all of you for creating such a beautiful home for us.”
Teri & Pete The Reserves at Lewes Landing Homeowners
“We have seen A LOT of homes, and no other builder had the design features that Schell offers as standard items in their homes.”
Steven & Jane Senators Homeowners
“I'm single, but I never feel alone at Independence.”
Lynn Independence Homeowner
“You have made this whole moving to DE experience WONDERFUL and Schell has been such a pleasure with every step of the process.”
Beatty The Reserves at Lewes Landing Homeowner
“If serious about relocating to the Beach do as we did. Shop everyone else first before visiting Schell Brothers at Lewes Landing or any other of their developments and it's likely that you'll never want to leave.”
Paul The Reserves at Lewes Landing Homeowner
“You folks are the best, I've been so pleased with the workmanship and your attention to details and schedules. I'm very much looking forward to starting the new year in my new home.”
Christine Breakwater Homeowner
“Schell Brothers’ home designs are fresh, open, and a hold a warmth that isn’t often found.”
Allen & Donna Peninsula Homeowners
Fred & Judy
“We were able to build exactly what we wanted and our new home is the perfect fit for our lifestyle.”
Fred & Judy Peninsula Homeowners
Jackie & Kevin
“Bayfront has the wow factor. We just knew we wanted to be here.”
Jackie & Kevin Bayfront Homeowners
“Your professionalism, attitude, caring, and desire to make our experience a pleasant one is deeply appreciated.”
Rick & Ceil Lewes Landing Homeowners
“Buying from Schell Brothers is like buying from family.”
Walt & Sue Branch Out Homeowners
“I'm so happy after working with Schell Brothers, I wouldn’t even consider another builder.”
Mike Retreat at Love Creek Homeowner
“The people who work for Schell Brothers are the best and the most responsive staff that we have ever met. Their reputation is only exceeded by their actions!!!”
Kathy Retreat at Love Creek Homeowner
“We are going into our third year living in our home here in Heritage Creek and could not be happier with the quality of construction, the friendly neighborhood and the entire Schell experience. Thank you for all you do!”
David & Madeleine Heritage Creek homeowner
“It has been a great experience with all the members of the Schell Brothers team. Schell really does live up to their reputation! ”
Jen Independence Homeowners
“Your employees made our experience everything you promised. I am proud to own a Schell Brothers Home!”
David & Maureen Peninsula Homeowners
Carol & Vince
“Of all the places we've lived, we've never felt more welcomed than we do here!”
Carol & Vince Villages at Herring Creek Homeowners
“Everyone who we worked with during the entire process from sales, design center and construction were absolutely amazing. Schell is lucky to have such high quality staff.”
Kim & Daniel Bayfront at Rehoboth Homeowners
Deb & Joanne
“The cost savings in our Schell Brothers home is amazing!”
Deb & Joanne Ridings Homeowners
“Schellter Technology was the clincher for us.”
Ron & Lesley Peninsula Homeowners
Ron & Lesley
“Since I was able to make so many choices, I got what was me! ”
Kathy The Ridings Homeowner
“Schell Brothers homes were the best quality with regards to workmanship and energy efficiency.”
Barry & Karen Senators Homeowners
“It was the mission statement above all else, that drove us to purchase a Schell Brothers home.”
Alice & Stu Senators Homeowners
“The numerous awards they have won, as well as the programs they sponsor to give back to the local community was unlike any other builder we have ever encountered.”
Maryanne Bayside Homeowners
“Schell Brothers offers so many choices, we were able to personalize our home to meet all of our wants and needs.”
Richard & Christine Independence Homeowners
“The more we looked the more we became convinced as to the value associated with choosing Schell Brothers to build our retirement home.”
Roy Independence Homeowner
“I know that at Schell Brothers my concerns are their concerns and they advocate for me at every level. They anticipate my wants and needs – my happiness.”
Barbara & Lawrence Peninsula Homeowners
“I did the math, there was no comparison to existing homes, and Schell Brothers homes stood out above the rest.”
Jim Ellis Point Homeowner
Jim & Eileen
“Our power bills are the lowest they've ever been. ”
Jim & Eileen Villages at Herring Creek Homeowners
“We were simply blown away by the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.”
Emily & Dana Sawgrass North Homeowners
“Schell builds an outstanding, high-quality home but it is your people who are the reason why Schell Brothers succeeds.”
Mike & Jeanine Branch Out Homeowners
Bob and Susan
“It just feels like a sense of community, that's what the developer has built and thats what Schell has integrated themselves into.”
Bob and Susan Bayside Homeowners
Martha and Bob
“We're so happy that after 30 years of vacationing here, we now call it home. ”
Martha and Bob Coastal Club Homeowners