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Listen to the story!

Snowflake Elf's parents named her Snowflake because when she was just born she would catch snowflakes on her fingertips and she would stack these snowflakes so high into the sky and they would never melt! With these stacked snowflakes, she would make miles and miles of Christmas garland for all of the trees in the Enchanted Elf Forest. One day she was decorating the trees with her special snowflake garland and Santa stopped by and said, "Ho Ho Ho, Snowflake! Your garland is amazing and ever so beautiful! Would you help me make snowflake ornaments for all of the humans?"

Snowflake beamed from ear to ear and jumped up and down for at least ten minutes, and ran home to tell her parents! Ever since that very day, Snowflake, her parents, and her brother Sonny have lived in this very house in the Enchanted Elf Forest.

Listen to the story!

Cocoa Elf loves being an elf so much! Believe it or not Cocoa was not always an elf. Long, long ago Cocoa was a leprechaun that lived under a bridge that Santa actually crashed into one year. It's true!

One year Santa and the reindeer were in a giant snowstorm and the sleigh crashed right on Cocoa's bridge. Cocoa quickly came to Santa's rescue even though he was a little scared and it was a very cold night! Santa was so happy that Cocoa helped him and the reindeer and he realized that Cocoa lived under the bridge all alone. So Santa invited him to come home to the Enchanted Elf Forest with him and the reindeer. That Christmas Cocoa got to deliver packages to sleeping kids and he found his forever home with Santa and the other elves. And now Cocoa is in charge of making sure the sleigh is in top shape each year so Santa never crashes again!

Listen to the story!

Three elves live in this trio of houses and they are an elf family. Twinkle Elf and Mary Elf live with their daughter Sassy Elf. Twinkle and Mary had a grand wedding ten years ago in Santa's house. Every elf in all of the land attended, so did all the reindeer, snowmen, and snowbirds! Believe it or not, The Grinch even came and the wedding made him cry tears of happiness!

Not long after the wedding, Twinkle and Mary had Sassy Elf and they were a very happy family. Twinkle and Mary have very important jobs and Sassy tags along to help. They come to Earth each year and serve as some families Elf on a Shelf! They quietly watch all of the activities in a home each day and then fly back to the North Pole to report to Santa. Twinkle, Mary, and Sassy love to surprise their families each day and show up in crazy locations! One morning, Twinkle landed in one family's dishwasher!

Listen to the story!

If you look closely into this elf house, you may see the very shiny and sparkly Tinsel Elf. She is the shiniest of Santa's elves and her hair is even made of tinsel! Her official job, of course, is to hang tinsel on all 572 Christmas trees in the Enchanted Elf Forest and all of the North Pole.

Tinsel takes her job very seriously and she never leaves her house without having her pockets stuffed full of tinsel! Snowflake Elf is her very best friend and they both work very hard to make the trees absolutely beautiful. When they aren't working they love to take reindeer rides on their two favorite reindeer, Rudolf, and Blitzen.

One Saturday night they rode very high above the North Pole and dropped gumdrops from Winky's garden into everyone's pockets and everyone loved the special treat!

Listen to the story!

If you try really hard, you might be able to hear and see Bernard. Bernard is the funniest elf on Santa's team. He is always joking and he has the loudest laugh ever heard in the Enchanted Elf Forest. Bernard is a GIANT practical joker. So the other elves know if Bernard is near, there will be shenanigans.

One year, Bernard hopped on Santa's sleigh in July and made it snow in California! Boy were the humans surprised, but none of the elves were. That is just how Bernard is. Bernard has a pet raccoon named Pip and since raccoons are also well-known trouble makers, it is no surprise this duo surprises Santa very often. But don't worry about Bernard he will always stay off the naughty list because he is Chief Stuffed Bear Maker and everyone knows, we need lots of those at Christmas time.

Listen to the story!

Mistletoe is well known in the Enchanted Elf Forest as the elf-matchmaker! She has introduced many many elves who later got married! In fact, she introduced Mary to Twinkle! But she does other important elf duties as well. She is in charge of spreading smiles to all of the elves.

Now, this may seem like a silly job to you, but in the Enchanted Elf Forest and the North Pole, HAPPINESS is a top priority! I bet you are wondering how Mistletoe makes everyone smile! It is very simple, she carries around three very important things all of the time, a book of jokes to make glum elves giggle, a bag of candy canes to make hangry elves happy, and a stack of paper hearts with LOVE written on them to hand out to remind each elf that having love in your heart is what is most important! Mistletoe never stops smiling and she usually dances through the halls of Santa's Workshop.

One year she hiked out of the North Pole all the way onto the highest mountain to give Bumble, the Abominable Snowman a candy cane and a heart, and guess what? He smiled for two weeks straight!

Listen to the story!

Winky lives here! Winky is one of Santa's most trusted, oldest elves. In fact, even though he is very small, Winky has lived in the Enchanted Elf Forest for over 100 years. He helps Santa load the sleigh on Christmas Eve. He makes sure YOUR presents arrive under the proper tree each year. The other elves are amazed because Winky always smiles and he never seems tired even after loading thousands of presents for Santa. Winky is best friends with Donner the reindeer and in the summertime, they plant a garden around Winky's elf house. Then they invite all of the other reindeer and elves over for a garden feast!

Believe it or not, gardens in The Elf Forest are very different from our gardens! In fact, Winky grows marshmallows, gummy bears, candy canes, and gumdrops. If you are lucky, you might find something from Winky's garden in your stocking this Christmas.

Listen to the story!

Snowball Elf lives in this very tall elf house for one very important reason. He absolutely LOVES snow! And he likes to store at least 250 snowballs inside the tree trunk. Now I bet you wonder what he does with all of these snowballs. He has epic snowball battles with the other elves in the Enchanted Elf Forest every Friday night! After a long week of preparing for Christmas, the elves meet at Snowball's house and play for hours tossing snowballs at each other.

One day Snowball rolled the biggest snowball the elves had ever seen and he rolled it right into Santa's Workshop where the elves and Rudolph the Reindeer used it to make a giant snowman. Then the elves sprinkled rainbow sprinkles on it and it came to life! Believe it or not, this very snowman was the most famous of all, Frosty!

Listen to the story!

Noel is the newest elf on Santa's team. She won her spot as one of Santa's closest and most trusted elves after she entered a gift-wrapping contest last year. She wrapped 111 presents in just one hour. The other elves were so impressed, but most of all Santa and Mrs. Claus had never ever witnessed an elf wrap presents so fast. Santa could not stop complimenting Noel!

So Noel now oversees hundreds of elves who wrap all of the toys. She also gets to help pick the wrapping paper colors and the ribbons which is her most favorite thing to do. Noel loves to sing Christmas carols all day long and she leads the elves in the Annual Christmas Eve Sing-A-Long. Guess what Noel's favorite carol is? YOU GUESSED IT! The First Noel.

Visit the Enchanted Elf Forest in person at the Winter WonderFEST.

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