We Get it!

By Sara Besche, in All Communities

At Schell Brothers, We Get It!
After reading posts on Citydata from people searching for a new home in Delaware, all I can say is “Wow”!  One woman described her experience as “scary”, another asked the forum for advice on different builders citing “nightmares” she was having after reading bad reviews.
The reality is, these emotions are not unusual. For most people, buying a new home creates an overload of emotions. Its fun, exciting, overwhelming, and scary, but whatever end of the spectrum you’re on (and trust us you’ll likely feel it all) we want you to know, We Get It and we are here to help!
We get that researching new homes can be a laborious process crammed with online searches, phone calls, good reviews, bad reviews, pricing, incentives, and piles on piles of data on property taxes and site maps, all resulting in a total overload of information and often times a genuine sense of apprehension about which builders you can trust. It’s really no wonder that many of our homeowners commonly experience what’s known as “information overload” defined as “the difficulty a person can have understanding an issue and making decisions caused by the presence of too much information.”
But at Schell Brothers, we also get that it’s about much more than late night research and number crunching; we know that buying a home is a highly emotional experience. Maybe you’re worried about finding the right location as you stare at map of Delaware; it may as well be a map of France. Of course there is fear in the unknown and you aren’t even sure where to start. Dela-where? Is it Lewes…or Lewis?
Or maybe you already love the first state, but you are experiencing mixed emotions about packing up and leaving a home where you’ve spent years creating lasting memories with family and friends. Maybe you’re most worried about the impact that the move will have on your kids, or you’re worried about finding fun activities and social events or meeting neighbors with hobbies and interests similar to yours.
We are fully aware just how intense this process can be, and that’s why Schell is decidedly transparent in our approach to selling homes. Of course we hope that you fall in love with a Schell Community and home, but whether or not you buy a home from us, we can promise you this:

We will be committed to fully understanding your circumstances and the roller coaster of emotions you are feeling so that we can truly help you in your home search.  As you come up with questions along the way, we hope to become a solid and trustworthy resource for you.  We believe that knowledge really is power when it comes to building a home with us so we will strive to always provide you with the tools and guidance needed to make a confident, well informed decision. We hope that in doing these things, we will not only streamline the new home search experience for you, but also make it memorable, exciting and FUN!

Oh and P.S it’s Lewes (pronounced ‘Loo-iss’)

In my new We Get It series, each week I will feature common concerns, misunderstandings and fears related to the new home construction process. I hope that by addressing these emotions and getting some of these topics out in the open, you will feel more confident in your search and can start spending more time being super excited about your future home at the beach!
Stay tuned for next week where we introduce the first segment of the We Get It series!
We Get It! - Sara Besche

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