Extreme Volunteer Coordination

By Jeremy Bell, in Extreme

Tony Forrest is the man with the plan for volunteers. You may recognize him as the paper-throwing but fun-loving manager from our “Just another day at the office” dance commercial, but Tony also has a penchant for organization and has taken on the daunting role of volunteer coordinator during the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build.

Tony has been doing his best to ensure that everyone who has volunteered time to help out receives all the information they need and that all the required shifts are filled. We have over 600 general volunteer submissions, and a couple of shifts are already maxed out, which is awesome, but there’s still plenty of space we need to fill.
The late night shifts seem to be the hardest to fill: 8pm-2am, and 2am-8am. Those times might be outside of your normal sleep cycle, but rest assured there will be plenty of activity going on at the build site; the operation does not stop just because the sun goes down. If you would like to volunteer and can alter your schedule to help out during one of the late night shifts, Tony and the rest of the team would really appreciate it! Make sure you select a shift when you sign up.

Update: We need volunteers for all of the late night shifts but here are the ones with the fewest sign ups.

Day 2 (Tue Aug 23) – Shift 4 – (2am-8am) has 2 volunteers
Day 4 (Thu Aug 25) – Shift 4 – (2am-8am) doesn’t have any volunteers
Day 5 (Fri Aug 26) – Shift 4 – (2am-8am) has 1 volunteer
Day 6 (Sat Aug 27) – Shift 4 – (2am-8am) has 2 volunteers
Day 7 (Sun Aug 28) – Shift 3 – (8pm-2am) has 1 volunteer
Day 7 (Sun Aug 28) – Shift 4 – (2am-8am) has 1 volunteer

Update 2: All the general volunteer shifts are full! Everyone can still visit the site as a spectator.