General Volunteer Shifts Full

By Jeremy Bell, in Extreme

Big thanks to everyone for the overwhelming amount of volunteer submissions, including the late night shifts! Tony filled the last general volunteer shift last night around 11:15 pm. In total we need about 1,100 volunteers during the build and we already have 1,187 signed up.

Today, Tony and his team will be reviewing the comments attached to previous volunteer submissions and updating the schedule with cancellations, changes, and other adjustments such as multiple shift requests. If necessary, they will reopen shifts to fill gaps that may crop up, so check back later if you are interested, or follow @schellbrothers on Twitter.
Spectator Area
Whether you are volunteering for a shift or not, you are more than welcome to come out to the site any time during the build and observe from the spectator area once it is set up. You can also visit the Volunteer Registration area during the week to see if there are any openings or if needs have changed.
More details about locations and parking will be available online after they are announced on Mon, Aug 22. The “Move that bus” day will be Mon, Aug 29.