Retire in Delaware: Best Retirement Locations

By Ali Gilliam, in All Communities

Retire in Delaware: Finding the Best Retirement Locations
Best Retirement Locations
Summer never ends at the beach, and neither does the good life, which is why year after year, retirees choose Delaware. When you retire in Delaware, you secure more than just a slice of the pie, you get the whole thing! It truly is the best of both worlds here in Sussex County, with scenic coastal towns like Fenwick Island, Lewes, Rehoboth Beach and Bethany Beach guaranteed to lure you in after just one visit.
With so many reasons to Love DE for your retirement years, we decided to start a series of blog posts dedicated to highlighting the many reasons that Southern Delaware is a retirement oasis. First up? Location, location, location:
Natural Beauty of Southern Delaware
Dedicate a day to exploring Southern Delaware and you’ll find yourself immersed in the natural beauty of our fair state. Country roads, lush farmlands, pristine beaches, countless hiking trails…the list of natural wonders goes on and on. The local landscape also gives way to an active lifestyle, with ample opportunities for bicycling, kayaking, paddleboarding, and hiking, to name a few.
Weather Wonderland
You may not immediately think ‘beautiful weather’ when you hear the word ‘Delaware’ but the truth is we have near-perfect weather here in the First State! At Schell Brothers, we like to say that summer never ends when you live at the beach, and we mean it! Summertime offers beach-friendly weather every day, but all year long our local beaches are ideal for a long walk or a peaceful reprieve. Fall is the local’s favorite time of year, as the summer traffic has subsided and the weather is absolute perfection. Winter brings cold temperatures to the Mid-Atlantic region, but it’s paradise compared to the heavy snowfall and cold temperatures of New England. By spring, you’ll be back outdoors enjoying the natural beauty that our area offers!
If you’ve always dreamed of a life at the beach, than retiring in Delaware is the place for you! Of course the entire East Coast boasts beautiful beaches, but coupled with the charm of our local towns and the amenities of our resort-like communities, we would safely argue that life at the Delaware beaches simply can’t be beat. In addition to the 26 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline, there’s also 25 miles of Delaware Bay coastline to enjoy, along with 115 miles of inland bay shoreline. All of that water makes for plenty of outdoor adventures, along with absolutely stunning sunrises and sunsets.
Central Access  
The common paradox of retirement is wanting to escape the hustle and bustle while still having access to cultural centers, family and friends. Enter, life in Delaware. For starters, we are conveniently located just a few hours from the major metropolitan areas of the Northeast, including Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New York City. We’ve also found that many local retirees that relocate from the Northeast love that they are still within driving distance from family and friends, rather than a plane-ride away.
Stay tuned for our next Retire in Delaware installment, which will highlight the tax benefits (cha-ching!) of Delaware living.

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