Introducing the Local’s Corner

By Adam Pettengell, in All Communities

Local's Corner
Before I came to the beach the word ‘local’ didn’t mean too much to me.  It held no value to me, my family,  or more importantly, the community. Here, in Southern Delaware, the growth and well-being of the community is shared with everyone.  Local businesses are at the very core of our beach life, and  I strive to be a local, albeit with an accent!
There is something about supporting our local businesses which grabs ahold of  me because  I see how local businesses support each other, support local schools, events and charities.  I work for a local company and I’m proud of it.  I’m proud of how we give back to the community. I’ll be at a supermarket, restaurant, or on the beach and I’ll see neighbors and families whose businesses have grown here in Coastal Delaware. They’re members of the community and not an unknown ‘big’ business.
Sustainable Connections has a great article that outlines perfectly why to buy, hire, and use locally-owned businesses.  I hope you find it a good read, and gives you food for thought next time you need a service or product.
That’s why I’ve decided to write what I’m calling ‘Local’s Corner’.  In a series of blog posts, I’m going to give a shout out, a recommendation, of my own support to a local or independent business. This isn’t about me ‘talking up’ Schell Brother’s contractors or associated businesses.  It’s about businesses that I have personally used.
My family has been very lucky to have just built our  house at the end of last year and throughout that build  we have established many relationships with local businesses. So, I’m sharing with you these experiences, and, maybe they will help you become a local and part of our community here at the beach.

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