Sandwich Ladies of Indy Celebrate First Anniversary of Helping Those in Need

By Debby Coughlan, in Independence

They’re called “The Sandwich Ladies of Indy,” and they meet every Thursday at 8:00 a.m. at the Independence clubhouse. “We prepare sandwiches for the local soup kitchen faithfully every Thursday,” according to Ann Athas, an Independence homeowner.  Athas organized the group last February to assist Reverend Dunning, who runs a Jusst Sooup Ministry that includes the soup kitchen on Rt. 1 in Rehoboth Beach.
Athas went on to say that recently, two teams had to be organized because the room where the ladies made the sandwiches every week just got too crowded. “There’s a friendly, cooperative atmosphere between Teams A and B, who meet on alternate Thursdays,” states Jeanne Walsh, who manages Team B. “We’re proud to be able to help feed those in need, and we’ve never missed a Thursday.”   The ladies also provided Rev. Dunning with turkeys for Thanksgiving and casseroles for Christmas.
On average, the ladies make 80-100 sandwiches per week and variety is the name of the game. There’s the traditional bologna, turkey, ham, all with American cheese of course, and then the creativity begins to bloom with cappicola and swiss, pimento and olive loaf, special tuna salad, or maybe even roast beef sliders. “I can’t believe we’ve been doing this for a year now; it’s such a great feeling,” exclaimed Athas.  “And we’ll keep doing it for as long as Rev. Dunning needs us; who knows, with all the new people moving into Indy, we might have to start a Team C !”

While telling me how much she appreciates the support from Indy, Rev. Dunning gave me a taste of the delicious soup she dishes out to those in need.

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