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(302) 778-9668 Hi I'm Sara. Let me help answer your questions. Let me help answer your questions.

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Sara Besche

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In the spring of 2013, Schell Brothers decided to pair up two guys (blokes) in the same community to represent the brand and to promote the culture of happiness and sell houses! This match was an epic one. Read on to learn why.

What Schell Brothers did not realize was they were establishing the beginning of a relationship of good humor, friendly rivalry, and a mutual love of beer and good times!

Frank joined the team with an extensive background in the bar and beer industry having worked 10 years in one of the largest beer bars east of the Mississippi, which served 166 beers on tap and 3000 in a bottle, it’s safe to say Frank has tasted more than a few.

Adam is another story… Coming from across the pond and having traveled extensively, he made his home in Lewes. Adam is no stranger to a pint, and you can often find him at the bar in any local establishment between Lewes and Dewey. Adam has had the opportunity to call many places home and we are pretty sure he chose Lewes for the beer.

Fast forward to today and we have Two Blokes Beer Co. Two Blokes is just another addition to our culture of happiness. We love to have fun and make our homeowners happy. So Frank and Adam "brewed" up an idea, partnered with our local brewer, Revelation Brewing Company, and VOILA, a brew was born.

Stop in one of our models and grab a cold brew, and continue to check out our videos, learn more about the local beer scene in DE, and learn about Schell Brothers and our communities.

If you want to learn more about our favorite blokes, we have plenty of info here. If you want to meet a bloke as well, chances are they are out celebrating with friends and neighbors at a local spot… Just listen for the laughter and good times 😉.


Sharing a beverage (Beer, Wine, or Spirit) is custom for celebrating and a custom that we encourage (often 😉) with all new family, friends, and homeowners… Cheers! Frank and Adam (aka Two Blokes).