5 Reasons to Buy a Beach Home in Coastal Delaware

By Ali Gilliam, in Uncategorized

At the Delaware Beaches, the list of reasons to live here is seemingly endless, but the reasons to buy a beach home are all the more compelling. From the fiscal perks right on down to the simple joys of beach living, buying a beach home in Coastal Delaware is ALWAYS a good idea!

1. It’s a Great Investment. While real estate markets, like most other economic indicators, ebb and flow, beach homes are proven to retain their value extremely well over time. Think about it…there are only 26 miles of Atlantic coastline in Delaware, a finite amount of area where homes can be built. And as long as the ocean is right next door, this land and these homes are going to remain highly sought after. While they cost more to purchase initially, they are also proven to be a fantastic investment over time.

2. Rental Income. If you’re not living in the home full-time, then you’re looking at a nearly certain second income by renting the property out to tourists when you’re not using it. The rental amount, in Southern Delaware or in any coastal area, will vary according to the time of the year, but it’s a great “ace in the hole” to have at the ready.

3. Head Start on Retirement. It’s no secret that Southern Delaware has become a mecca for the retirement set in recent years, leading to the birth of the term, “Florida of the North.” Even if you’re not yet retired from your career, why not buy your dream home now so it’s waiting for you when you finally do call it quits?

4. Unscheduled Vacations. If you have a home at the beach and don’t live there year-round, you have a ready-made home base anytime you feel like getting away for a vacation with friends and/or family. You can also store your vacation gear (think beach chairs, towels, beach umbrellas, etc.) at the home so you don’t need to carry it back and forth from your primary residence.

5. Health Benefits. Okay, so this one is a little more difficult to quantify as it’s more of a state of mind than an opinion based on hard facts, but how often have you visited the beach, smelled that pure salt air, felt the cool ocean breezes on your face and just automatically felt better? It’s easy to feel at peace when you’re at the beach, and that often leads to mental and physical benefits that are far-reaching.