Beautiful Water Views from Ellis Point

By Jay Hauck, in Ellis Point

I wasn’t the only one thinking it was a pretty evening to take a walk around sunset last night on Ellis Point’s private beach. A couple of residents and some shore birds had the same idea.
As I walked over the beach crossing I noticed the sky was beautiful with the glow of the sunset and some unique cloud formations. I couldn’t help but to notice the little shorebirds scurrying ahead of me as I walked up the beach.
I didn’t realize what a great view of the Indian River Inlet Bridge there was from Ellis Point. As it got darker I noticed a blue glow from the bridge. It turns out last night was the first night that they turned the lights on at the new inlet bridge.
All of the new homesites have great views and the setting for the clubhouse is beautiful even near dark.
I had to go see the IRI Bridge up close, and I wasn’t disappointed. I believe it is a good addition to the horizon amongst the beauties of nature. What do you think?


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