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Why Love Delaware?

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  Tax Benefits:
Property taxes are among the lowest in the nation.

Property taxes on a 2,000 square foot home in Delaware will run in the range of $125/month (less than 10% of the tax on an equivalent home in New Jersey). Sussex County Delaware is tied for second among all U.S. counties for the lowest ratio of median annual property tax to home value. This means that the percent of your home value devoted to property taxes will be about as low as it can be.

With your savings, you’ll enjoy fun times together — and with the grandkids.

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The Best of Both Worlds.

Sussex County, Delaware offers a relaxed environment that is close to the action while providing a vibrant culture all its own. The location affords easy access to the major metropolitan areas of the Northeast. Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Baltimore are all within a three hour drive.

Add one more hour to your drive and you can see a Broadway show in New York City. But you really won’t need to go that far to enjoy five star restaurants, a lively theater and arts community, and endless opportunities for events and outdoor recreation. Most are available year round, with V.I.P. benefits for local residents during the off season.

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  Healthy Lifestyle:
Top-rated healthcare.

The prestigious Beebe Medical Center recently added a wing with more beds and has expanded specialties such as cardiology and orthopedics. A Beebe clinic just opened in Rehoboth Beach, and new facilities are slated for the communities of Millville and Georgetown.

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