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Schellter™ Advanced Building Science

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) measures energy efficiency, and lower is better. Currently, new Schell Brothers homes average 49 on the HERS scale, which means they use 51% less energy than typical new homes.

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Schellter™ Overview
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The Schellter™ guarantee is our commitment to providing a healthier, more comfortable living environment that will impact your life for years to come.

We worked side-by-side with the experts at IBACOS (Integrated Building and Construction Solutions) to create a living environment that is in a class of its own, and we’re proud to be among the elite qualifiers for the US Department of Energy’s Builders Challenge Program. As of February 2011, fewer than 5,500 homes nationwide met the stringent guidelines of the Builders Challenge, resulting in a total estimated annual energy savings of over $5 million from this program alone.

These rigorous requirements, combined with our high standards, are assurance that you’ll spend more time and energy enjoying your Schell Brothers home, and less on heating, cooling, and maintaining it.

Save time, energy and money with EnerWize™

The EnerWize™ brand is synonymous with comfort, savings and peace of mind. Features such as 16 SEER air conditioners, variable speed blowers, tankless water heaters, specially sealed ducts, and proprietary techniques combine to provide an average HERS (Home Energy Rating System) score at or below 52. That means you can expect a utility bill that will be about 48% less than a typical new home. Sit back and smile, knowing that your 95% efficient gas furnace ensures that 95 cents out of every dollar you spend on fuel will end up as useful heat.

Relax in a 4tress™ environment that is built to stand the test of time.

A home built 4tress™ strong will last longer, require fewer repairs, and provide you with more time for the things you love. Advanced framing techniques that include 2 × 6 exterior walls, engineered flooring systems, waterproofing techniques, and a five check leak prevention system place your home among the most durable in the nation. All 4tress™ homes meet stringent requirements for strength, durability, moisture resistance, and sound attenuation.

Breathe easy with SanctuAIR™

Sleep better knowing that your home is protected by SanctuAIR™, the ultimate in healthy air quality. The high SanctuAIR™ standards exceed the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Indoor AirPLUS® program, placing our homes in the top 10% in the nation for air quality. That’s right, the air quality in your home will be better than 90% of the homes in the country! We use low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) building products and MERV-14 air filters – with a surface area 20 times larger than a standard filter – to create a healthier environment that minimizes allergens, VOCs, and other contaminants.

With SanctuAIR™, your home is your sanctuary.

Energy efficiency built right in.

Schellter™ Advanced Building Science is the smart technology developed by Schell Brothers to provide you with the ultimate high performance home.

Schellter™ technologies come standard in Schell Brothers homes.
Grab our brochure about Schellter™ Advanced Building Science to discover what it is and why you want it.

Schellter Advanced Building Science is the smart technology developed by Schell Brothers to provide you with the ultimate high performance home.

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